Building Trust
In The Education
Sector with
Robust KYC and
AML Solutions

Shufti Pro helps you remain compliant with data protection
regulations and provides scalable fully automated services
to onboard legitimate students in real time

Ensure seamless and risk-free student enrollment with Shufti Pro’s Global Trust Platform

Innovative identity verification solution offering education institutions tailored services to verify students' identities while keeping fraudsters at the bay

Mitigate account

Mitigate account
takeover fraud

Eliminate identity theft and account takeover in real time by onboarding legitimate students and restricting bad actors in real time

Onboard globally

Onboard globally with biometrics

Instantly verify students with facial biometric systems embedded with liveness detection to ensure legitimate students get enrolled


compliant services

Fully compliant solutions help you to meet data protection and KYC standards and overcome the risk of non-compliance

Verify Students' Identities
in real time in 4 easy steps

User Upload

Step 1

End-user uploads a photo
of government-issued identity


Step 2

End-user takes
a live selfie using mobile
or webcam


Step 3

Shufti Pro matches
the user’s selfie with the photo
on ID document

Verification Result

Step 4

Verification result
is delivered and proof
is stored in back office

Identity Verification solution trusted by eLearning institutions

scholar hub

Automate the Way You
Verify Your Students and
Faculty with the Most
Advanced ID Verification

Streamline online education operations while providing a seamless onboarding experience for students

Global support

Verify students and faculty of any origin with support for 3000+ document types and 150+ languages. Shufti Pro works with all types of identities, nationalities, ethnicities, and ages

Global support

Secure onboarding

Identify fraudulent entities among potential students from 230+ countries within seconds, all while providing a convenient means of verification

Secure onboarding

Multi-layer authentication

Mitigate the risks of financial crime with real-time document verification checks. Ensure that students are who they claim to be with multi-layered authentication

Multi-layer authentication

Customer data protection

Comply with global data protection regulations and secure customer data. Shufti Pro offers GDPR and PCI DSS compliant identity verification and AML solution

Customer data protection

Ongoing KYC

Validate ongoing student engagement with facial biometric authentication

Ongoing KYC

Higher onboarding rates

Benefit from automated Identity Verification in just a few seconds enabling you to experience a 40% higher student onboarding rate

Higher onboarding rates

Shufti Pro’s Global Trust Platform offers innovative identity verification solutions for the education sector

Know your customer

Know your

Verify student's identity
within a few seconds

AML screening


Screening against 1700+ global
watchlists, PEPs and sanctions

Facial biometric authentication

Facial biometric

Biometric facial recognition for secure
student login

Video KYC


Secure student onboarding through
a live video call with a KYC expert

OCR for businesses

for businesses

Accurate data extraction from
structured and unstructured documents
within seconds

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