Shufti Pro


Geolocation and Device Assessment

Secure Your Entire Verification Process

Fraud Prevention by garnering comprehensive data about the location and device used for Verification by end-user.

  • Collect Geographical Information
  • Detect IP and Device Type
  • Collect accurate Time Stamps
  • In-depth Request ID information

How Geolocation is relevant to KYC?

KYC verification allows businesses to identify their customers. But Geolocation & device assessment data provides additional information about these customers making the entire verification cycle transparent and relevant for Shufti Pro clients. Demographical patterns start appearing with this rich data enabling businesses to map their potential customer base, acquisition channels, and service delivery.

Geolocation data Includes:

  • Longitude & Latitude
  • ISP Information
  • Country
  • Region
  • Postal Code

Device Assessment Includes:

  • Browser Information
  • Device OS
  • IP Location
  • Device Name
  • Device Type


Device Forensics for risk assessment

Identify VPN Setups & Internet Proxies

Block users from sanctioned regions

Identify prohibited users among the bulk

A Remarkable Feature for Trustworthy Verifications