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Quick Verification

Shufti Pro allows for quick, accurate and real-time KYC verification, completing the entire process within the 30-second time frame. It achieves far better results, maintaining its time and cost effectiveness at the same time.

Real Time Verification

Every step of the process happens in real time. The user doesn’t have to upload scanned documents. Shufti Pro reduces the amount of labor required to go through unnecessary chores to verify documents. Customer has to hold the document in front of the camera and that’s it. Shufti Pro does the rest.

Verification Stream

Shufti Pro provides a proof of verification. You can access the video proof of the verification process of your customer from our back-office which can only be accessed by you and no one else. Our 512 bit encryption enables fully secure fragmentation of each process.

No Plugins Required

Most of the digital verification systems out there require extra plugins to configure with your system but Shufti Pro is unique. It doesn’t require any third party plugins. It works perfectly fine with all kinds of systems.

Artificial Intelligence

Using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs), Shufti Pro makes sure that no fraudulent documents are presented in front of the camera and also the person who is holding the document is a real person. Its unique Face Match system ensures that the person is really the same person in the document.

Human Intelligence

In order to give an extra layer of security, Shufti Pro can also provide Human DEOs to aid the verification process. Enabling this feature, you can get rid of any kind of fraud and misrepresentation. It is a unique feature and makes the verification process smooth by reducing the risk involved to its minimum.