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ID Documents Supported

Documents Supported



99% accuracy


Countries & Territories

230+ countries




Overcome Customer ID Verification challenges Confidently and Ensure Success Under One Platform

Shufti Pro’s IDV Suite Highlights

Data Retention

Secure Your Customers’ Data with GDPR-Compliant KYC Solutions
Set your own desired data retention period and get complete control over how long information needs to be stored. Shufti Pro allows customisation in the data retention period whilst ensuring that it aligns with the business's specific needs, thereby providing a tailored solution for your particular requirements.

  • Flexible Data Retention Period
  • Take Complete Control on your Data
  • Self-sufficient, no support required

Single Sign On (SSO) 

Reduce the Hassle of Managing and Securing Passwords with SSO
Simplify the login process and improve security using SSO, allowing customers to log in once with a single set of credentials to access all the corporate applications.  Shufti Pro's SSO service integrates with popular SSO providers such as Google, OKTA, OneLogin, and Azure, making it even more convenient and secure for organisations.

  • Enhanced Security Protocols
  • Meet Compliance at Ease
  • Improved Usability

Duplicate Account Detection

Identify Duplicate Accounts and Ensure a Risk-Free Digital Ecosystem
Spot subtle signs of manipulation or duplicate accounts by detecting if a user has registered with a different identity using Face Mapping Technology. Shufti Pro’s duplicate account detection helps prevent multiple registrations from the same user whilst eliminating the risk of bypassing restrictions or gaining an unfair advantage.

  • Restrict Users From Enrolling Multiple Times
  • Eliminate Fraudulent Entities
  • Fool-Proof Face Detection Checks

AML Bulk Processing

Screen Customers and Businesses in Bulk with 99.3% Accuracy
Onboard customers in bulk by screening a large volume of customer data and transactions against watchlists, sanctions lists, and government databases with lightning speed and unparalleled accuracy using Shufti Pro’s batch AML screening service.  By harnessing the power of technology, we empower businesses to efficiently screen high volumes of data with the highest precision whilst saving time and resources.

  • Instant Batch Processing
  • Real-time individual Reporting
  • 99.3% Accurate results


Customisable User Experience for Swift Onboarding
Make it easy for users to prove their identity during onboarding with a customisable interface offering customers the highest level of personalisation. ShuftiPro's iFrame Design feature allows merchants to tailor the appearance of their verification process to match their brand and improve the customer experience. Merchants can now use company branding logos, colour schemes, etc., to increase customer trust, confidence, and engagement.

  • Tailored Brand Experience
  • Personalised Verification Process
  • Consistent Brand Identity

KYC Journey Builder

Customisable Journey as Per Your Business Requirements
A user-friendly, no-code solution for creating custom verification journeys for global customers. Shufti Pro’s journey builder feature allows the personalisation of verification services through a smooth drag-and-drop interface. Additionally, clients can set up and preview the end-user experience in real-time by selecting from various available KYC services, ensuring a flawless customer verification experience.

  • Create Multiple Verification Journey Templates
  • No-Code, Drag and Drop User-friendly Interface
  • Instantly Generate Verification link

100% Legitimate Onboarding

Maximise Legitimate Customer Onboarding Success Rate with Shufti Pro
Combining different identity verification techniques and deploying them through a single API streamline onboarding. For Instance, if your client fails to meet the verification criteria, Shufti Pro’s iFrame will show an option of proceeding with Video KYC, ensuring your client does not get frustrated and gets onboard. We are focused on building identity experiences systematically engineered to balance compliance obligations and security considerations whilst ensuring 100% customer onboarding rate.

  • Reduced Drop-offs
  • Assistive Onboarding
  • Accurate Verification Results

Quick Verification

Instantly Verify and Onboard Customers with 99.3% Accuracy
Shufti Pro makes every second count. Verify customers’ identity swiftly in real-time whilst ensuring a seamless customer experience using customisable IDV  solutions tailored to your needs. Integrate Our flexible services based on your user's choice and quickly verify customers in real-time.

  • Verification in a Matters of Seconds
  • Ultimate Fraud Prevention
  • 100% Legitimate Onboarding

Supported Documents

Verify 10,000 Documents Types in 150+ Languages
Streamline your customer onboarding process by verifying identity documents from over 230+ countries and territories, supporting 10,000+ documents in 150+ languages, using a range of tools to scan, read, and verify government-issued IDs for authenticity whilst ensuring you meet compliance. 

  • Ultimate Fraud Prevention
  • 80% Increased Conversions
  • Swift Onboarding

Data Extraction

Extract Customer Information Intelligently with High Accuracy
Offering 100% automated OCR for businesses, we extract data from any kind of document whilst improving and simplifying the customer onboarding experience. Turn any type of document into valuable, accessible and machine-readable information in a matter of seconds.

  • Support 150+ Languages
  • Data Extraction from 10,000+ ID Documents
  • Automated Document Authentication


Enhance IDV with Geolocation Verification Checks
Fight fraud and stay one step ahead of criminals by collecting comprehensive data about the location and device to gain 99% accurate verification results. Bring speed, flexibility, and efficiency whilst ensuring a seamless customer journey with our award-winning ID and geolocation authentication services.

  • Block Users From Sanctioned Regions
  • Detect Ip And Device Type
  • Identify Prohibited Users Among The Bulk

Proof of Verification

Verify and Onboard Customers in a Matter of Seconds
Determine the true identities of your customers whilst reducing the risk of fraud and enabling business growth. Integrate Shufti Pro’s IDV suite and unlock the proof of verification feature to ensure you only onboard legitimate customers and meet regulatory obligations under one roof. 

  • Image And Video Proof Of Each Verification
  • Download/Delete Proof Of Verification
  • Facility To Add Additional Proof After Verification

Risk Reporting

Generate Customer Data Reports Instantly with 99% Accuracy
Access in-depth customer identity verification reports whilst streamlining structured data management, with downloadable verification reports and logs available in 150+ languages. Secure authentication easily using our omnichannel approach that spans the web, mobile, and more.

  • Alerts Based on Report Results
  • Downloadable in 150+ Languages
  • Storing Reports in Backoffice

No Plugin

Streamline Customer Verification Through a Simple API
Integrate Shufti Pro’s IDV solutions and services into your business applications across multiple platforms, ensuring a seamless customer experience. Shufti Pro makes reaching your customers fast and simple, integrating an efficient onboarding system without worrying. 

  • Real-Time Technical Support
  • No-Plugins Required
  • Plug-n-Play Integration

Developer-Friendly Integration Options Tailored to Businesses' Technical Requirements

Web/Desktop API

Web/Desktop API

Get started with single API integration for web/desktop platforms

Android Native SDK

Android Native SDK

Use our Android native SDK platform to verify your customers through Android devices

IOS Native SDK

IOS Native SDK

Perform secure in-app verification on IOS devices with our ios SDK

React Native SDK

React Native SDK

Use our cross-platform React Native SDK for both Android and iOS devices

Why Choose Shufti Pro as Your Next IDV Services Provider

Rigid KYC Checks

Rigid KYC Checks

Millions of successful KYC checks are performed annually, providing peace of mind knowing you’re working with an experienced partner

Global Reach

Global Reach

230+ countries, territories & 150+ languages supported so you can confidently onboard customers 24/7 globally

Accurate & Reliable

Accurate & Reliable

Quickly verify customers using thousands of documents in a matter of seconds with over 99% accuracy

Plug-N-Play APIs

Plug-N-Play APIs

One API with a suite of 17+ identity verification services for an all-in-one compliance solution

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Industry-leading compliance & security standards set a high bar and help you stay ahead of malicious actors

Budget Friendly Plans

Budget Friendly Plans

Pay-as-you-go or pay upfront with flexible pricing plans gets you started with low commitment to ensure we are the right Identity Verification partner for you

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