Shufti Pro


Shufti Pro brings wide range of industry best KYC and AML features to expand the scope of Identity Verification.

Proof of Verification

Secure business against false
chargebacks and compliance

From start till end user’s verification journey is recorded in a form of video by capturing a frame of screen or by webcam. This video is provided the merchant which can be used for legal purposes.

KYC Certificate

Collect and submit customer’s or
investor’s online KYC records

Collect customer’s or investor’s verification report in a form of a certificate with Shufti Pro’s decision, KYC information, time stamps and comments displayed on it to submit to banks, release payments or creating a backlog.

Data Extraction

Reduce friction by simplifying how you
gather information end user

Shufti Pro will automatically extract text information (Name, DoB, MRZ and more) present on a document with the help of OCR technology. The end-user will only display or upload their IDs. The text extracted from an ID will be sent to Client in an API response.


Track exact location with a
risk based approach

Locate origin of each verification by securing information of Agent, IP, Device, and Area. By “knowing” geo origin of each verification, proactively ensure that user is not engaging from a blacklisted or prohibited region.

Modes of Verification

Allow Users to capture or upload a selfie or Clip of ID Documents.


The user lands on the verification URL and directly interacts with Shufti Pro by showing their Face and Documents to the webcam or front camera of their phone.


The user uploads images or video clip of their ID documents. The said proofs are collected by merchant and sent to Shufti Pro to assess and results are sent to merchant.

The merchant can choose a mode based on how they collect data from the user.