High Performance Identity Verification Solutions at Scale

Fast, flexible and simple KYC, KYB, KYI, AML and OCR solutions tailored to your needs will improve customer experience and reduce fraud

A One-Stop Platform for world-class Identity Verification Solutions

Our Global Trust Platform integrates Shufti Pro's entire KYC, KYI, KYB, AML and OCR suite into your business. Utilise world-class Identity Verification to seamlessly onboard customers worldwide within seconds.

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Provides access to all
of Shufti Pro's services

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99% accurate,
AI powered,
Fully Automated

Access to 230+ countries and territories, and 150+ launguages

Highly configurable. Tailored to meet your indivudual business requirements

Global Trust Platform Solutions

Know Your Customer

KYC – Know Your Customer

Fast-track customer confidence

Automatically onboard customers in real-time, anywhere, using
any kind of government approved identity document.

  • Verify within seconds
  • Lower customer drop-offs
  • 99% accuracy
  • Faster and easier onboarding
  • 9000+ ID documents
  • Borderless growth
  • Reduce Fraud

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KYB – Know Your Business

Know who you are doing business with

Our KYB solution identifies every business you work with across
the world. Know your supplier, creditor and partner in seconds

  • Verify within seconds
  • Faster compliance
  • 99% accuracy
  • Less time and resources
  • 180 million data sources
  • Global business verification
  • Reduce financial crime

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Know Your Business
Know Your Investor

KYI – Know Your Investor

Be assured of legitimate investment

Our KYI solution prevents your investment being connected to fraud or terrorist activity. Only honest investors are safe

  • 99% accuracy
  • Authentic investors onboarded
  • Global assurance
  • Validation by expert MLROs
  • Risk mitigation and investor
    fraud prevention
  • All in one investor document

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AML – Anti-Money Laundering

Remove the risk of dirty money

Our AML solution uses machine learning to keep your organisation safe against hard to trace financial crime anywhere in the world. We can be your outsourced MLRO

  • AML verification with 99% accuracy
  • Compliance with global AML regulations
  • 1000+ sanction lists
  • Future-proof risk mitigation
  • Background screening against 3000+
    financial risk databases
  • Better business reputation

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Anti-Money Laundering
Optical Character Recognition

Risk Assessment

Establish trust by evaluating your customers’ risk factors through custom questionnaires and fraud prevention data points

  • Create dynamic questionnaires
  • Define data points for fraud prevention
  • Set individual weightage for risk parameters
  • Get customer details in multiple formats
  • Calculate personalised customer risk scores

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OCR – Optical Character Recognition

Extract required data from any document in seconds

Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution is powered by advanced AI so it couldn’t be simpler to click and collect data, whatever state it’s in

Any document. Any format. Any language

  • Instant image to text data extraction
  • Supports multi-lingual documents
  • OCR for structured and unstructured documents
  • Global coverage for 150+ languages

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Optical Character Recognition