Our powerful, yet simple suite of identity verification tools span the entirety of the customer journey, from onboarding and verification to monitoring and bulk screenings. Everything you need in one place for compliance and fraud prevention with an unparalleled user experience.


Covering all your IDV needs, from verification and screening to ongoing monitoring and risk management – we've got you covered.


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Know Your Customer

KYC | Know Your Customer

Harness the power of AI-powered identity verification with a multitude of tools to provide your customers with an unparalleled onboarding experience.

  • Real-Time KYC Verification For Results In Seconds
  • Reduce Drop-Offs & Increase Conversion Rates
  • Robust & Impenetrable Security Against Synthetic Identity Fraud
  • Intuitive & No-Code Verification Journey Builder
  • Successfully Mitigate The Risk Of Financial Crime
  • 99% Accuracy

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e-IDV | Electronic Identity Verification

Remote verification through centralised e-IDs via official government databases with enhanced security and accuracy.

  • An Entirely Paperless Journey
  • An Optimised & Elevated Experience
  • Verification Through Official Government Databases
  • Reduced Errors & Increased Accuracy
  • Near-Instantaneous Verification Results
  • Robust Security Measures

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Know Your Business
Optical Character Recognition

KYB | Know Your Business

Corporate verification that allows you to know your suppliers, creditors and partners in seconds, via verification against 225+ global databases that house information on 300m+ companies.

  • Global Business Verification Via International Databases
  • Instant Insights On UBOs & Company Profiles
  • Real-Time Business Verification & Universal Risk Protection
  • Easy API Integration & Effortless Data Access

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KYI | Know Your Investor

Seamlessly verify the legitimacy of your investors and achieve global AML/CFT compliance.

  • Onboard Legitimate Investors With 99% Accuracy
  • Instant Investor Document Verification
  • Verification Through Expert MLROs
  • Coverage Of Rule 506 (b) & Rule 506 (c)
  • Robust Risk Prevention

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Optical Character Recognition
Optical Character Recognition

AML | Anti-Money Laundering

A powerful range of industry-grade AML services for successful risk management, whilst ensuring your organisation meets global compliance.

  • Successful Mitigation Against Fraud, Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing
  • Global AML/CFT Compliance
  • Screenings against PEPs, Sanction Lists & Adverse Media
  • Extensive Global Screenings From 1700+ International Databases

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Risk Assessment

Elevate trust by evaluating the risks your customers may pose through custom models and fraud prevention data points, fully-customisable to your organisations needs and industry requirements.

  • Meet Global Compliance
  • Create Dynamic Models
  • Gather Customer Data In Multiple Formats
  • Set Risk Parameters To Suit Your Business Needs
  • Safeguard Your Business Against Financial Crime
  • Calculate Personalised Customer Risk Scores

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Anti-Money Laundering
Optical Character Recognition

OCR | Optical Character Recognition

Advanced AI-powered data extraction that caters to both structured and unstructured data with extensive multilingual coverage.

  • Instant Image To Text Data Extraction
  • Supports Multi-Lingual Documents
  • OCR Scanning For Structured & Unstructured Documents
  • 150+ Languages Supported

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Harness the power of Shufti Pro's Global Trust Platform for an entire suite of verification tools, like our award-winning KYC solution, alongside KYB, KYI, AML, e-IDV, OCR and more! All your verification, monitoring and screening needs met by one neat and easy-to-use solution.

e-IDV solution

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