Ensure Secure Forex Trading Experience with Sophisticated Risk Assessment Service

Ensure a risk-free onboarding flow and build trust with clients while staying ahead of risks in the Forex market using Shufti Pro's advanced risk assessment service.

Swiftly Onboard Traders With Our Efficient And Compliant Solution

Experience streamlined customer onboarding, increased accuracy, and minimise risk with our secure solution for utmost protection.

Streamlined Customer Onboarding

Streamlined Customer Onboarding

Efficiently onboard customers with seamless experience & instant risk level categorization using advanced technology and compliance regulations.

Maximised Security


Screen your customers against 1700+ global watchlists, including sanctions lists, government-issued lists, and PEPs lists to determine the associated risk.

Increased Accuracy


Accelerate trust worldwide and onboard legitimate customers whilst mitigating the risk of onboarding high-risk entities with an accuracy rate of 99.3%.

Shufti Pro’s Sophisticated Risk Assessment Approach to Determine High-Risks

Onboard legitimate customers and watch high-risk entities with less friction whilst remaining compliant and competitive.

Customer Risk

Help assess customer risk in forex by analyzing various factors such as the customer's financial background, trading experience, investment goals, and risk tolerance. Additionally, monitor customer behavior and transactions for suspicious activity, such as unusual trading patterns or high-risk investments.

  • High-Leverage Customer Identification and Verification
  • Identification of Fake Brokers
  • Assessing the Risk of an Offshore Broker
  • Determining Individuals Involved in Insider Trading

Transaction Monitoring

Our risk assessment solution helps you monitor your customers' transactions, including background checks, funds sources, and any suspicious or illicit funding patterns. Our real-time monitoring allows you to identify any changes in payment volume or frequency, ensuring compliance and reducing risk in the Forex industry.

  • Multiple Accounts Detection For Trading
  • Stay Complied With the CFTC List
  • Identifying the Trading Behavior of the User

Delivery Channel Risk

Our solutions provide comprehensive monitoring and mitigation of Delivery Channel Risk, a critical component of risk assessment in the Forex industry. This ensures the secure delivery of services to clients, minimising the risk of fraud or financial crime.

  • Verifying the Use Of Cryptocurrency For Trading Purposes
  • Identifying Stolen Credit/Debit Cards Used on Electronic Trading Platforms
  • Detecting Flagged E-Wallet Addresses

Geographical Risk

Ensure compliance with international regulations and seamless cross-border operations through our innovative solutions for monitoring and mitigating Geographical Risk in the Forex Industry.

  • Checking the Value Of User Currency Being Used
  • Detecting the User Location of Trading In High-Risk Jurisdiction

Geopolitical Risk

Protect your business against Geopolitical Risks through our risk assessment solutions that can be highly detrimental for the Forex Industry, causing market volatility and instability. Safeguard your business from the impact of unforeseen geopolitical events and make informed decisions to protect your interests.

  • Identifying Central Bank Policies of the Country
  • Staying Compliant With Everchanging Forex Laws and Regulations

Product Risk

Assess product risk in the financial industry by evaluating the risks associated with unregulated investment schemes and different types of trading whilst implementing robust authentication security measures to ensure secure transactions.

  • Assessing Unregulated Investment Schemes
  • Evaluating And Assessing the Risk Of Each Type of Trading
  • Implementing Authentication Security


Shufti Pro offers a comprehensive reporting section that enables forex companies to comply with AML and CFT regulations. The platform provides automated tools for identifying suspicious activities and transactions, facilitating easy reporting to regulatory authorities.

  • Suspicious Activity Report (SAR)
  • Suspicious Transaction Report (STR)
  • Currency Transaction Report (CTR)

Record Keeping

Continuously monitor your customer's activities and keep a record of clients according to company policy and as per regulatory obligations.

  • Customer Identification Records
  • Transaction Records
  • Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)
  • Risk Assessment Reports
  • Compliance Training Records
  • Source of Funds Records

Why Choose Shufti Pro’s Risk Assessment Tailored to Forex Industry

Provide your customers with a safe and sound forex experience by determining high-risk clients whilst adhering to KYC AML compliance in real time.