Identity Verification
for SMEs

Fast-track customer onboarding

Our KYC and AML solutions are unrivalled for SMEs who undertake less than 1000 verifications per month. Automatically onboard customers in real-time, anywhere, using any document

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Selfie-based identity verification within seconds

verify customers

99% accurate AI-powered document verification with support for 10,000+ ID types

Global coverage

Available in 230+ countries and territories with support in 150+ languages

business requirements

25% higher customer onboarding rate with minimum false positives

fast integration

Identity Verification Services

Biometric verification

Strong line of defense against impersonation and stolen

  • Verification within seconds
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Protection against identity thieves
  • Detection of spoof attacks

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Biometric verification
Document verification

Document verification

Verify user identity effectively with unmatched global coverage

  • 100% automated verification
  • Secure customer enrollment
  • Identity fraud protection
  • Real-time proof of identity

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Address verification

Verify and validate addresses worldwide with local and global
databases to stay ahead of fraudsters

  • Verify Address on Utility Bill, Bank Statements etc.
  • Authenticate the Name Against ID Card
  • Determine the Authenticity of Template and Format

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Address verification
AML – Anti-money laundering

AML – Anti-money laundering

Our AML solution uses machine learning to keep your
organisation safe against hard to trace financial crime
anywhere in the world

  • Identify high-risk entities
  • Prevent potential financial crimes
  • Exhaustive AML databases - 1700+
    watchlists, PEPs, Sanctions and
    Adverse Media
  • Screening on consumers and

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True Identities

  • Liveness Detection
  • Anti-Spoofing
  • Device | Geolocation Logs
  • Nationality Verification
  • Consent Collection
  • Age Verification

Genuine Documents

  • Forgery | Photoshop Detection
  • Rainbow | Microprint Check
  • MRZ Code | Hologram Detection
  • Nationality Verification
  • Document Expiry Check
  • Verify Name | DoB | Issuance

In a digital economy, businesses continuously face the threat of breach, identity theft, account takeovers and rigorous compliance requirements. Our Identity Verification Solutions address your needs with a single simple API to approve legitimate customers, increase onboarding rates and deter fraudsters.

about KYC/AML compliance

Read our KYC Guide to learn more about KYC/AML compliance and how Shufti Pro can help

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