2 Factor Authentication

Double up security protection while keeping away imposters

  • Ultimate credential protection
  • Combat fraudsters in real-time
  • Prevent account takeovers

About 80% of hacking-related breaches are still tied to weak passwords!

Passwords alone are not enough to combat sophisticated fraud attempts. Secure your business from cybercriminals and develop trust among your consumers with Shufti Pro’s two factor authentication solution.

Two-factor authentication made easy with Shufti Pro

  • Quick and smooth customer onboarding within seconds
  • Information security via authorised customer account access
  • Identity fraud prevention and financial loss mitigation
  • Trusted long-term relations & increased customer experience
  • Remote user authentication from anywhere in the world
  • Remote user authentication from anywhere in the world

Customised Codes for Seamless Verification

Shufti Pro allows you to select verification codes of your choice
and end-users are verified within seconds

Auto-code Generator

Shufti Pro 2FA engine auto generates random verification code for end-user

Auto code Generator
Personalized Code

Personalised Code

Client can provide predetermined code of their choice in the app

2-Step Verification
as a Security LAYER



The end-user chooses personalised code or auto-generated code for authentication at each login attempt

verification code


End-user is prompted to enter verification code as the second authentication factor at login

2FA service


Shufti Pro’s 2FA service matches the code and authenticates the user within seconds

verification results


Verification results are delivered to the client with evidentiary proof and stored in back-office

2FA – A Protection against a multitude of Threats

Stolen Passwords


Two Factor authentication makes stolen passwords useless to gain access to an account. Validate user credentials with a second factor after a password is entered

Brute Force

Brute Force

Hackers sometimes randomly generate passwords till they land on the correct sequence. Add a second layer of protection with 2FA service to validate login attempts

Phishing & Social

Phishing &

Scammers often trick users into giving away their passwords. 2FA fights such attempts through an extra layer of validation in the form of one-time passwords or tokens

Key Logging

Key Logging

Hackers use malware to track keystrokes and store user’s password. Incorporate two step verification to ensure that credentials are entered by an authorised user only

Why Choose Shufti Pro?

Simplified Authentication


Verify customers and avail multi-layered security within seconds

Global Coverage


Enable two step authentication for global customers in 230+ countries & territories

Fraud Prevention


Avoid phishing attacks and malware activity with a strong security platform

Quick Integration


Auto code generator facility, for easy API integration with online platforms