Shufti Pro

2 Factor Authentication

Ideal Solution for large scale customer registrations

Shufti Pro enables its customers to verify identity of users by sending them an automated code on their phone numbers.

  • Simply enter your Phone Number
  • Send an automatically generated
    or custom code to your phone
  • Enter the PIN received
  • Get verified in real time!

A 2 Factor Authentication for your business that cuts costs and reduces risks at the same time.


Global Outreach

Easily send confirmation code on any phone number in the world and check the authenticity of every potential customer that is interested in your services.


Bond With Clients

Validate each new customer through their phone number and start a new relation with your customer on the basis of trust, leading to higher service standards.


Engage to Communicate

Verified 2 Factor Authentications offer fast yet cost effective communications with users and a chance to build on initial transactions and engage customers.