Identity Verification Solutions Tailored to the Insurance Industry

Streamline your ID verification for remote onboarding across the globe with a robust and accurate insurance verification service

Featured Client:


Featured Client:


Taking online insurance verification to a new level

Ensure smooth customer onboarding with a fast and accurate ID verification solution and mitigate the risk of insurance fraud

Restrict ghost

Restrict ghost

Verify customer information from their ID documents against 1700+ watchlists to ensure that you are onboarding legitimate brokers



Meet international Insurance regulations with highly configurable KYC and AML solutions designed to enable compliance in 230+ countries and territories

user experience

Improving user experience

Remove the barriers from your sign-ups, by enabling customers to onboard in a few seconds with fully automated KYC services

Seamlessly Verify Global
Insurance Customers with
99% accuracy in 4 Basic

User Upload

Step 1

End-user uploads a photo
of government-issued identity


Step 2

End-user takes
a live selfie using mobile
or webcam


Step 3

Shufti Pro matches
the user’s selfie with the photo
on ID document

Verification Result

Step 4

Verification result
is delivered and proof
is stored in back office

Improve Risk Management
and Optimise Customer
Experience with Our
Identity Verification
Solution for the Insurance

With Shufti Pro’s Online Insurance Identity Verification, Insurance
companies can enhance security, increase customer onboarding rates and provide a frictionless CX

Global support

Verify customers of any origin with support for 3000+ ID documents and 150+ languages. Shufti Pro works with all types of identities, nationalities, ethnicities, and ages

Global support

Secure onboarding

Identify fraudulent customers from 230+ countries within seconds, all while providing a frictionless means of verification

Secure onboarding

Multi-layer authentication

Mitigate the risks of financial crime with real-time document verification checks. Ensure that customers are who they claim to be with multi-layered authentication

Multi-layer authentication

Customer data protection

Comply with global data protection regulations and secure customer data. Shufti Pro offers GDPR and PCI DSS compliant identity verification and AML solutions

Customer data protection

Ongoing KYC

VValidate ongoing transactions with facial biometric authentication. Monitor transactions to prevent financial crime

Ongoing KYC

Higher onboarding rates

Benefit from automated Identity Verification in just a few seconds enabling you to experience a 40% higher customer onboarding rate

Higher onboarding rates

Adhere to KYC and AML Compliance Standards with Our Global Trust Platform

Know your customer

Know your

Verify customer identity
within a few seconds

AML screening


Background screening against 1700+ global watchlists, PEPs and Sanctions

Facial biometric authentication

Facial biometric

Biometric facial recognition for secure
customer login

Video KYC


Secure customer onboarding through
a live video call with a KYC expert

Know your business

Know your business

A comprehensive verification of
potential SME, corporate partners and
other third-parties

OCR for businesses

for businesses

Accurate data extraction from
structured and unstructured documents within seconds

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Gain valuable knowledge with blog posts written exclusively for the Insurance sector by our industry experts. Get the latest information on KYC verification and AML regulations as they pertain to the Insurance space

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