Shufti Pro Excited to Attend WDIA Meetup in Geneva on Personal Data Protection

  • December 10, 2019
  • 2 minutes read
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Shufti Pro, a high-end identity verification service provider, will be present at the meetup event organized by Worldwide Digital Identification Association (WDIA) to be held on December 18th, 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland. Our experts will be sharing insights on KYC identification, personal data protection protocols, and blockchain technology. The meetup is essential for anyone interested in making digital identity verification reliable, swift and secure. 

Keeping up with data processing regulations and best practices is challenging. The personal data processing and storage industry are fragmented. There are no unified standards and tactics of bad actors are becoming increasingly sophisticated as they constantly adapt new methods to exploit personal data.

In this uncertain environment, major players in the industry are expected to adopt advanced technologies and exercise more caution in handling customer data, as even minor oversights can have far-reaching consequences. Shufti Pro pays great attention to clientele’s data protection and has already streamlined its services under the guidelines from renowned regulatory authorities. Our experts are always willing to enlighten others on the best data protection practices.

If data is the new currency that is driving the digital economy, then digital identity is the asset that needs to be protected. Questions about how to protect digital identity are crucial in the ongoing discourse around privacy in the online world.

WDIA is a non-profit organization (formed by a list of well-recognized institutions). It’s bringing together the best minds in the sector to discuss the personal data protection issues and building robust digital identity solutions. The meet up will focus on collaboration within the context of Digital Identity Solutions and deliver useful insight on:

  • New Corporate Battlefield. Why companies compete hard for personal data?
  • A single entry point for KYC identification. Is that possible and how it can be achieved?
  • Eliminating obstacles preventing cross-sectoral collaborations on KYC.
  • Consolidating the private and public sectors in data storage systems and protocols. 

WDIA aims to create a new layer of human digital freedom by introducing simple, clear and fast blockchain-based digital identity solutions. We at Shufti Pro believe that collaboration is crucial for building safe and secure KYC identification and together we will help build the future of identification leveraging our technology with blockchain abilities.