Shufti Pro Awaits You at MEFTECH KSA

  • February 17, 2020
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Meet Shufti Pro at MEFTECH to learn how our identity screening solutions can enable the Fintech and financial industry in Saudi Arabia to explore growth ventures in the future. Shufti Pro will be pitching its “video KYC” solution in Video KYC for Customer Verification Challenge. Stay tuned to learn about our solution that provides an accuracy like in-person verification. 

What is MEFTECH 

MEFTECH will be hosted at Ritz-Carlton Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 25 – 26 February 2020. Approximately 2000 delegates and 50 exhibitors will gather under one roof to explore new growth ventures for the Fintech industry in the Kingdom. 

MEFTECH is the oldest running banking, finance, and financial technology event. Till now it has assembled 12,000 senior executives and 1,000 innovative tech providers. Keeping the legacy of this event, decision-makers from the government, banks, and enterprises will be attending the event, and this time Shufti Pro will be there to empower the fusion of tech and finance with its world-class identity verification solutions. This event is an opportunity for the banking and fintech industry of Saudi Arabia to discover better growth opportunities. 

Global fintech entities will discuss the growth prospects of e-commerce, payment solutions, and other businesses. The event will be a step forward to achieve the 2030 vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And Shufti Pro will be there to help businesses understand the significance of identity screening in achieving the anticipated growth. 

Shufti Pro will be pitching its video KYC solution 

Shufti Pro is one of the finalists of Video KYC for Customer Verification Challenge, so our team will be pitching its video KYC solution. Catch up to learn how video-based KYC solution delivers an accuracy equivalent to in-person verification. Get to know the AI mechanism we utilize to deliver services to a global clientele.

Meet our team to learn about our KYC/KYB and AML screening solutions 

The financial and fintech industry has huge growth potential but the risk of fraud is always lurking around, given the complexity of services provided by this industry. On the other hand, global expansion and transition with global business entities are inevitable. This expansion leads to increased risk, coming from customers and businesses. So KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business) are vital for the fraud-free growth of these industries. 

Recently Saudi Arabia became a member of FATF, it means that businesses need to oblige with KYC/AML compliance regulations that are now aligned with strict recommendations of FATF. Shufti Pro will be attending this event to help you understand how we can share your burden of fraud prevention and regulatory compliance operations so that you can focus on other vitals of your businesses such as growth and profits. 

Utilize from the global experience of Shufti Pro 

Shufti Pro’s identity screening solutions can verify your customers, businesses, and vendors from around the globe. It provides KYC/KYB and AML screening services powered with biometric authentication. Shufti Pro has worked with businesses from all over the world and has verified people in more than 230 countries and territories. Recently Shufti Pro has opened its office in Dubai to explore the market in this region. 

Our representatives will be at MEFTECH to help your business identify how our solutions can help you grow. We understand that every business has unique needs. So we will help you draft a customized solution for KYC and AML screening of your customers. 

So mark the dates, 25-26 February 2020 to be hosted at the Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

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