Geolocation and Device Assessment

Geolocation and Device Assessment

Fraud Prevention by garnering comprehensive data about the location and device used for Verification by end-user.

Geolocation and Device Assessment
  • Collect Geographical Information
  • Detect IP and Device Type
  • Collect accurate Timestamps
  • In-depth Request ID information
Collect Geographical Information

Digital KYC norms and Geolocation

Geolocation data Includes

Country NameCountry Name

Country CodeCountry Code


Postal CodePostal Code

Continent NameContinent Name

Continent CodeContinent Code



Host NetworkHost Network

RDNS & ISP InformationRDNS & ISP Information

Browser InformationBrowser Information

Device OSDevice OS

IP LocationIP Location

Device NameDevice Name

Device TypeDevice Type



Device Assessment

Device Assessment to assist Risk Measures

Block users

Block users from sanctioned regions

Identify prohibited users

Identify prohibited users among the bulk

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