Protecting Our Youth: The Role of IDV in Ensuring Secure Gaming

December 12, 2023 - Tuesday - 14:00 - 16:00 (Georgia Standard Time)

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    Today’s digital gaming ecosystem comprises young, intelligent minds paving their way through the digital realm due to their early exposure to the technology. They play a pivotal part in a more data-driven and information-oriented future, but this comes at a cost, hidden risk, and danger, requiring utter protection and safety. A report revealed that the gaming industry was exposed to $5.4 billion in fraud, twice the amount of fraud compared to 2021, stating the critical need for integrating IDV solutions across global gaming platforms for a secure gaming experience. Shufti Pro’s webinar aims to safeguard kids from becoming victims of the intricate and deep ecosystem whilst keeping them safe from sophisticated crimes like identity theft, spoofing, and deepfakes. Join us to learn about the newest developments in KYC gaming, the sector's overwhelming issues, and how to address them.


    - Background of the Gaming Industry and IDV
    - Overview of Protecting Youth in the Gaming Sector
    - Latest Research Findings on Age Verification
    - Challenges Faced by the Gaming Industry
    - How to Tackle IDV Challenges in the Gaming Sector
    - Gaming Regulatory Bodies Worldwide
    - Emerging Technologies To Enhance KYC Accuracy and Effectiveness in the Gaming Sector
    - KYC Gaming Trends and the Future of AI-powered IDV Solution
    - Best Practices for Comprehensive Age Verification Systems
    - Shufti Pro’s IDV Suite Designed to Secure Gaming Sector

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