Travel Industry

Shufti Pro Verification Solutions for the Travel Industry

Global Identity
Verification Services

Shufti Pro scans and collects user identity records to detect suspicious activity and flag imposters for border control.

Group 19-min
Group 23-min

Dual Document Verification
for Customer Convenience

Allow customers to breeze through flight booking, airport checkpoints and hotel check-ins without having to carry documents.

Mobile-driven Authentications
for Reduced Transaction Fraud

Ensure safety for all mobile transactions and reduce credit card fraud rates for safer online check-outs (terminal check-ins, ride hailing, vacation rentals and other bookings done on the go).

Group 25-min

Why Shufti Pro?

  • Global
  • Reliable
  • Trusted

Additional Services
for Verified Travellers

MRZ Verification

Customised ID


Passport Verification

Age Verification

PCI Compliance