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Shufti Pro partners with Amsterdam Coin Exchange (ACE) to verify their customers


London, (March 2020), Shufti Pro onboarded Soliditry B.V to verify the customers in its daughter company Amsterdam Coin Exchange (ACE). Shufti Pro will provide document verification, AML screening, and ongoing screening services to perform in-depth screening on the customers. 

The Amsterdam Coin Exchange (ACE) is a group company of Vondellaan Vastgoed Beheer B.V. and majorly operates in the real-estate investments. It offers investments in rented residential real estate, specifically Dutch homes and migrant housing. Also, the Amsterdam Coin Exchange (ACE) allows investors to trade their cryptocurrency HYTAR and other crypto currency at the best rate and to gain experience with blockchain techniques.

Given their business practices and industry robust identity screening is inevitable. Identity theft is increasing and cryptocurrency platforms are manipulated to make anonymous transactions. On the other hand, real-estate is exploited for money laundering. KYC and AML regulations are implemented in the cryptocurrency and real estate sector to control identity theft, money laundering, and terrorist financing. Robust customer due diligence is the need of the hour. 

Responsible enterprises such as Amsterdam Coin Exchange invests in KYC and AML screening of their customers to fight frauds and deliver better customer experience. ACE offers a Cryptocurrency named HYTAR that has stable coin characteristics. Meticulous fraud prevention is necessary to achieve the targeted growth of the cryptocurrency. Ongoing customer screening is necessary to stay updated regarding the risk related to the customers. Also, the future global expansion plans demanded a customer screening solution with experience in verifying global entities.  

Given all these needs of Amsterdam Coin Exchange (ACE), Shufti Pro proved to be a reliable partner to fulfil their customer due diligence needs. Shufti Pro will provide document verification and AML screening services to help ACE onboard a reliable clientele. Ongoing screening services will help in proactive fraud management. Shufti Pro’s services are designed keeping in view the diverse clientele of the businesses, so the user interface is quite simple and swift, making the overall end-user experience seamless. As the customers will be verified within seconds, so there is no fear of losing customers due to long verification processes of ongoing screening. 

ACE is very positive about this collaboration and looks at it as a long-term partnership. Samreen Vos, compliance officer of ACE said, 

“By starting a collaboration with Shufti Pro we hope it will enable us to get to know our clients better: who is our client, who are the owners/ultimate stakeholders and does the relationship with our client pose a risk? This is particularly true where we aim to extend our services geographically, in particular outside the Netherlands and our European Union. With sound policy and our business alliance with Shufti Pro, we want to prevent unknowingly contributing to financial and economic crime. Moreover, we can use our integrated software to regularly scan our existing customer base for new signals. Such a collaboration can help us move even closer to achieving our long-term goals of prosperity and decentralized cooperation between all our stakeholders.” 

The services of Shufti Pro are completely aligned with the long-term goals of Amsterdam Coin Exchange. It will provide global coverage, updated customer risk insights through ongoing screening and growth through proactive fraud management. Speaking about this partnership, Victor Fredung CEO Shufti Pro said, 

“Shufti Pro provides unparalleled customer experience and it’s our competitive edge. We are happy to provide the services that go beyond fraud prevention and can help ACE achieve its long-term goal. Shufti Pro is excited about this partnership and looks forward to maintaining it for a long time.”

About Amsterdam Coin Exchange

The Amsterdam Coin Exchange (ACE) is a group company of Vondellaan Vastgoed Beheer B.V., founded in 2014, with activities in the field of investment objects and residential real estate. In combination with its proprietary HYTAR token, ACE offers private investors in The Netherlands and abroad, low-barrier membership and entry benefits. With its 15-year track record, Vondellaan Vastgoed has over 140,000 users of its services, including over 250 direct investors in various ongoing real estate projects. 

About Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro is an identity verification SaaS that offers KYC and AML solutions to worldwide clients. Using a hybrid approach of AI and HI technology, Shufti Pro keeps accuracy results as high as 98.67%. Having verified users in over 232 countries, Shufti Pro is a pioneer in IDV services to cover a large number of countries.

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