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The Fastest Online Identity Verification Service, Shufti Pro, is Proud to Offer KYC Services in Andorra

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Under the Guidelines of FATF, as well as

Documents We Verify

Shufti Pro gives you all the tools to verify and onboard new users faster with real-time KYC for Andorra.

Andorra Passport
Andorra Passport


We offer KYC for Andorra through passports as well. We verify Andorran passports issued by the Ministry of Justice and Interior (Justícia i Interior). Businesses can use it for CDD in Andorra and to verify the nationality, name, and DOB of customers.

For Passport Verification, Shufti Pro:

  • Matches name, DOB and expiry date with MRZ
  • Detects fakeness through font, holograms
  • Checks for accuracy of format
  • Detects crumpled / folded edges
  • Identifies photoshopped / tampered / forged image
  • Verifies hologram / rainbow print
  • Checks blurriness / exposure
Andorra Driving license

Driving License

We check the originality of a driving license issued by the Automobile Club of Andorra (AUTOMOBIL CLUB D’ANDORRA) and verify licenses of all seven parishes of Andorra (each one has a different format).

For Driving License Verification, Shufti Pro:

  • Checks for accuracy of format
  • Detects crumpled / folded edges
  • Checks photoshopped / tampered / forged cards
  • Verifies hologram / rainbow print
  • Detects blurriness / exposure
Andorra Driving license
Verification ATM Card
Verification ATM Card

Credit / Debit Card

Shufti Pro verifies credit/debit cards to help you digitize your business, reduce manual labor, prevent fraud and charge-back, and increase conversions.

For Credit/Debit Card Verification, ShuftiPro:

  • Validates name
  • Validates expiration / issue date
  • Validates card number
  • Checks for accuracy of format
  • Checks photoshopped / tampered / forged cards
  • Verifies hologram / rainbow print
  • Detects blurriness / exposure

How Our Identity System Works

Andorra Data Verifcation

Document Verification

Andorra Data Extraction

Data Extraction

malta face verification

Face Verification


Verification Status

We Deliver Advanced KYC and AML Solutions for Andorra

Online monetary transactions are associated with a high risk of cyber security threats. With the combination of six distinct ID Verification Services, we help make your digitization process frictionless and risk-free.


Next-generation facial recognition – the real-time solution for remote authentication for businesses across Andorra.


Document authentication across seven parishes to help with KYC for Andorra and to avoid Identity Theft online.


Address Verification service to protect your business from false deliveries and invalid customer locations. Shufti Pro helps prevent chargebacks and frauds.


Easy and frictionless customer onboarding through 2 factor-authentication, with accurate verification of end-users through their mobile phones.


Verify your customers and their transactions in real-time with biometric consent; authenticate with Selfie Verification along with a Unique Message such as printed or handwritten document.


AML services for Andorran banks and businesses to identify high-risk clients. Improve client onboarding with faster PEP screening and real-time sanction list monitoring.

Verify Andorran Documents in Real-Time

Shufti Pro provides Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Andorran Official Language, Catalan, in real-time.

Shufti Pro Offers OCR for Catalan Language
with 98.67% Accuracy

Truly Global
Identity Verification

We work with all major industries. Learn More About our Use Cases

Shuftipro Banks KYC


E Comerace


Shuftipro E Payment


Shuftipro Ride sharing

Ride Sharing

Online Service Provider

Online Service

Automated AML for Businesses

Shufti pro’s AML services for Andorran businesses identify high-risk clients, improve client onboarding with faster PEP screening and real-time sanction list monitoring.

Shufti Pro uses FATF, EU, OFAC, HMT, Interpol, and other relevant watch lists in the provision of its AML services. Screening is done via our API utilizing global watch-lists and our AML source data is updated every 15 minutes.

Customer Due Diligence in Andorra

Andorra is associated with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) through the MONEYVAL Committee. FATF promotes efficient measures for combating money laundering, terrorist funding and other threats to the integrity of the international financial system. Its global standards are applicable to organizations operating in all member and non-member countries.

Realizing this, Shufti Pro has expanded its operations to Andorran banks, as well as financial and non-financial businesses to strengthen trustful business relationships. 

Shufti Pro Offers OCR for Pashto and Dari
Language with 98.67% Accuracy

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