Quick Verification

High Speed Verifications

Every second counts. Experience
faster onboarding for greater impact.

Swift and Frictionless Customer Onboarding with a Customer-centric Approach

Reduce drop-off rates, fulfill regulatory compliance and onboard customers faster. Opt for flexible verification solutions based on your clients’ needs.

Real-time Verification

Verify selfies, ID Documents and 2FA in under 30 seconds

Liveness Detection

Supervised authentications to determine user presence and expose fraudsters


Prevention of replay and presentation attacks in fake verification attempts

Augmented Intelligence

Automated verification with human intelligence (HI) & artificial intelligence (AI).

Faster Verifications and High
Operational Efficiency

Quick Integration

Higher Conversion

Verifcation performed
in 30 - 60 seconds

Faster Authentication

IP and Geolocation

Tracking and review transaction origin, as well as user patterns.

Verification Reports

Structured data management with downloadable reports and user logs.

Easy Integration

Restful API or SDK. No additional plugin for installment

Effortless Integration for
Smooth Business Workflows

Looking for verification solutions with bank-level
confidence to integrate with your system?