KYC and AML Solution

Speed up onboarding process while complying with stringent KYC AML regulations across the globe.

Integrate Shufti Pro’s state of the art KYC compliance and AML screening solution to

  • Boost account opening conversions
  • Combat digital frauds
  • Secure online transactions
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Verify to Trust!

Make sure your customers are who they claim to be

AML/KYC compliance is obligatory for banks, financial institutions and every business dealing with money. Having automated KYC checks in place can empower businesses to ensure frictionless customer onboarding while combating identity theft, and allowing customers to carry out transactions from anywhere, anytime.

Customer Due Diligence for Banks

Unlike other businesses, banks need an adequate client due diligence process to identify high-risk customers while combating identity theft and preventing financial crimes.

Meet your KYC due diligence requirements through digital KYC identity verification solution. Deliver convenient services to your customers and build trust in your business through Shufti Pro compliance solutions.

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Shufti Pro at your service

Shufti Pro facilitates due diligence in banking and empowers online businesses to successfully meet their KYC/AML legal requirements through real-time identity verification. Our AI-powered KYC services are efficiently replacing slow and manual KYC processes enhancing the customer onboarding experience.

Shufti Pro identity verification services can deliver multiple benefits to the organisations striving hard to fulfill AML/KYC compliance and streamline their customer onboarding process.

Verify billions of customers across the globe in real-time

Quick AML screening against 1700+ global watchlists

Reduce drop-offs and enhance customer experience

Maintain transparency through Proof of verification


AML Compliance Violation can Cost Businesses up to €3.30 billion

Avoid hefty fines and penalties due to non-compliance with AML KYC regulations. Setting up proper KYC tools and processes can facilitate you to stay compliant with changing regulations and prevent financial crimes.

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A Single Platform for All Your KYC & AML Obligations

Integrate a solution that offers flexible services to meet all your KYC and anti-money laundering compliance needs. With Shufti Pro IDV solution, successfully onboard customers in real-time and meet KYC AML guidelines while saving time and cost.

  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Know Your Business (KYB)
  • Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
  • EDD Compliance
  • AML Screening

Meet KYC/AML mandates with Shufti Pro Compliance Solution

With stringent KYC/AML laws in place and regulators exerting pressure on businesses, fulfilling compliance mandates is more important than ever. Now simplify compliance with Shufti Pro’s global solutions.


Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance

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Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance

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Avail top of the line KYC compliance and AML screening solutions from Shufti Pro to deter online frauds, digital scams and for payment protection.


Face Verification

The fastest and secure onboarding with liveness-based KYC process. Say goodbye to KBAs, passwords, physical keys and long forms. Verify the customer’s identity within seconds and reduce drop-off rates and payment frauds.

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Document Verification

Real-time customer verification through government-issued ID documents. Validate document and customer information with AI-powered KYC checks. Simplify user experience with Shufti Pro supporting 3000+ document types.

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Address Verification

Confirm the true address of your customers and know if the address on the ID documents actually exists in the real-world or not. Avoid shipping frauds, loan frauds and chargebacks by keeping address verification in place.

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Consent Verification

Replace ‘I Agree’ checkboxes with AI-powered consent verification. Reduce false chargebacks and payment frauds through real-time consent of customers. Catch identity thieves with liveness-based verification approach.

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2-Factor Authentication

Restrict bot attacks and unauthorised access by applying multilayer authentication. Verify an individual’s true identity through a one-time password-based approach. Make sure the user’s credentials are not stolen by sending a security code on their mobile.

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AML Screening

Prevent money laundering and terrorist financing with Shufti Pro AML screening solution. The AI-powered solution screens customers and ultimate business owners against frequently updated global AML data sources.

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Learn how Shufti Pro’s anti-money laundering and know your customers compliance solutions can help protect your organisation from financial criminals