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Avail Top of the Line KYC Compliance and AML Screening Solution from Shufti Pro to Deter Online Frauds, Digital Scams and Payment Protection

Face Verification

Ask end-user to capture a selfie or short video captured live during the verification or upload images. These proofs will go through an AI, HI and ML review to decide whether it a live human being and the image/video is not doctored.

With the help of multiple anti-spoofing measures remote presence of an individual is ensured for relay of services or transactions.

KYC Compliance and AML Screening Solution

Document Verification

As an additional layer couple verified remote presence of an individual with authentic ID documents to ensure their existence as a legitimate resident of a country.

As Shufti Pro supports more than 1000 ID templates from all countries, easily ensure authenticity from anywhere. Individual’s face is matched against the image present on an ID, Driver License or Passport to establish a connection as well making sure that ID document itself is valid by checking security parameters on it.

Address Verification

Secure record of physical address to verify location of an individual as official residence for record keeping and risk management.

With dual nature of acceptable address documents (Utility Bills or Bank Statement) easily perform address verification and establish a connection between current residency and origin of ID documents.

2-Factor Authentication

Make sure that an individual’s information passed to you has not been stolen by a bad actor or scammer. Restrict a bot attack by apply a multi layer of authentication by sending a secure code on user’s mobile.

Its quite simple.

AML Screening

In adherence with AMLD, once the user is verified through images, ID, Address and 2FA, run their information against globally maintained Watch lists and Sanction Lists to ensure that the individual while verified, is legitimate or not.

Easily weed out potential or recorded criminals, PEPs, and such from engaging with your business.

Consent Management

Tougher laws call for a transparent data processing.

To meet global compliance Shufti Pro offers two ways to record customer’s consent by first collecting it before a verification has started and then collecting biometric consent in the form of an image or video with User’s name and a uniques message written or printed on it.

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