Shufti Pro

Data Extraction

An ingenious service Reducing Workload of your customers

How it works?

A perfect service for Shufti Pro customers to directly forward Verification Request even if they don’t have any prior information about end-users.

Data Extraction
  • Verification request is received
  • End-user displays identity document
  • Credentials extracted from identity document
  • Data fills automatically in a verification form
  • Verification form shown to end-user
  • End-user either confirms data or makes amends
  • After confirmation, credentials sent for verification
  • Verification status sent to end-user & our customer

Shufti Pro offers Data extraction service as part of its InstantCapture Solution, making Identity Verification process entirely automated.

Data Extraction

No time wasted
on data collection

Data Extraction

Least possible
hassle for end-users

Data Extraction

Mandatory manual
approval of credentials


Broad Language Support

Shufti Pro is able to perform text based data extraction with relative ease on a large number of languages, supporting businesses across the globe.


Multiple Document Formats

Shufti Pro supports multiple document formats allowing greater flexibility to our customers and end-users to perform error-free identity verifications.


Handwriting Support

Text from handwritten documents can also be easily extracted by Shufti Pro opening new avenues for our valued customers to use our bespoke services.