Shufti Pro Enhanced AI Technology

Achieving the highest level of accuracy in identity verification
with reliable Artificial Intelligence

Award-Winning Artificial
Intelligence Technology

Reliable Fraud Prevention and Flawless
IDV Experience

  • Enhanced artificial intelligence is developed using
    thousands of artificial intelligence models.
  • Trained through sufficient real data, thousands of
    artificial intelligence training models enable
    faster, reliable, and accurate identity verification.
  • Whether it is a doctored identity document or a biometric
    spoof attack, Shufti Pro’s artificial intelligence technology
    is empowered to detect sophisticated fraud.
  • Shufti Pro’s advanced artificial intelligence technology
    can be easily integrated across multiple channels.

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Shufti Pro’s Enhanced
Artificial Intelligence

A Hallmark of Excellence

Global Coverage

Enhanced artificial intelligence is powered
by Thousands of artificial intelligence
models to allow your business to identify
and verify ID documents from anywhere in
the world
with equal accuracy.

Accurate Authentication

With devoted artificial intelligence
models for each type of document, the
Enhanced artificial intelligence makes
authentication highly accurate with an
average accuracy rate of 98.67%.

Speedy Verification

Shufti Pro’s technologically advanced
artificial intelligence algorithms verify
identities in mere seconds giving your
customers a quick and seamless

High Performance

Enhanced artificial intelligence is built on
models trained on real data which means they
don’t just perform on paper but gives you an
authentic verification solution and with every
verification performed these models become
more accurate.

AI and HI

Shufti Pro successfully fills gaps in
automated systems through its two-fold
technology every verification is cross
checked by human experts to eliminate
the possibility of false results.

  • Added security layer
  • Fewer manual reviews
  • Scale down turnover time
  • Reduce false positives
  • Improved decision making
  • Escalate conversion rate

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Towards Right

Shufti Pro offers a three-layered
model to ensure that every
verification performed is
accurate to the highest level.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

Definitive Answer with artificial
intelligence-based Verification

Shufti Pro’s enhanced artificial
intelligence is trained using
thousand of document types. From
driving license to passports of all
countries, our artificial intelligence
supports 3000+ ID documents
with verification precision. The
intelligent artificial intelligence
validates ID documents and user
face within seconds and provides a
definite answer and the reasons (in
case of a failed verification).

Enhanced Accuracy with
Human Verification Expert

Artificial intelligence models make
the decision on previous
experiences which is why it is
important to evaluate and remodel
the verifications performed by
artificial intelligence. Shufti Pro’s
human experts evaluate every
verification performed to ensure
accuracy. This let Shufti Pro identify
different kinds of scams and frauds
that imposters may pose.

Well-informed Results
Through QA Audit

Shufti Pro’s identity verification
solution is one of its kind. Even
after the verification results are
delivered to clients, we perform
100% verification audit to ensure
each verification delivered
accurate results. With these timely
audits, tech experts can overcome
ambiguity in the system (if any)
and reduce false positives.

Successfully Automate
Identity Verification

By employing Enhanced artificial
intelligence technology, you can
successfully automate the identity
verification process. Thanks to
Enhanced artificial intelligence, you
can instantly validate the identity
document of your customers globally
by ensuring unique security features.

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