AI-powered COVID
Certificate Verification

Verify COVID certificate in real-time from
concerned authorities with Shufti Pro’s instant
digital vaccine certificate verification service.

  • Global coverage for passenger onboarding
  • Fake COVID certificate detection
  • Swift COVID clearance for public areas

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    Vaccine certificate verification bringing
    travel back to normal

    Integrate coronavirus certificate verification service
    and onboard COVID-free passengers only. Shufti Pro
    incorporates enhanced AI checks to authenticate
    vaccination certificates in real-time and identifies
    fake and forged COVID passports.

    Now verify COVID certificate for travel right
    away without any integration or installation.

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    How Shufti Pro’s Coronavirus
    Certificate Verification Works

    Authenticate COVID-19 certificate in just three simple steps

    Open Shufti Pro’s COVID
    certificate verification in
    your browser

    Phone 2 (1)

    Upload COVID certificate
    picture or display in front of
    camera for auto-capture

    Shufti Pro verifies vaccine
    certificates from concerned
    authorities around the globe


    Shufti Pro is globally compatible.
    Verify vaccine certificate
    anytime, anywhere.



    We are a GDPR compliant
    company and practice robust
    data security standards.



    COVID certificate verification
    results are delivered within
    10 seconds.

    Instant COVID certificate
    authentication for
    seamless onboarding

    Our AI-powered COVID vaccine certificate verification service is
    fully equipped to authenticate COVID certificates from global
    concerned authorities. Shufti Pro provides a definitive yes or no
    result about the vaccination status of an individual within seconds.

    • Test authenticity of certificate format
    • Detect forged/photoshopped information
    • Verify certificate issuance, if it is delivered
      by authorized entity
    • Verify name and personal information to ensure it is not stolen

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    No installation,
    No integration –
    It’s Simple!

    Shufti Pro aims to offer fast, secure and convenient
    solutions. COVID certificate verification is designed
    in a similar manner to fully automate the vaccine
    certificate authentication at airports, shopping malls,
    cinemas, arenas, and public transport terminals.

    No need

    • To integrate the solution into your system
    • For fancy kiosks or hardware for certificate authentication
    • To install any app for COVID certificate verification

    All you need is




    Reviving international travel
    with vaccine passport
    verification and IDV

    With Shufti Pro, perform identity authentication and
    vaccine certificate verification in a go. Our solution
    utilizes enhanced AI technology to verify the user’s real
    identity in real-time to combat identity frauds while
    successfully confirming if the customer is COVID-free.

    • Identity document verification
    • Biometric facial authentication
    • COVID-19 certificate verification

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    Fulfill social distancing protocols and bring life to normal by
    allowing only COVID-free customers to enter the premises.



    Identity verification and Covid
    certificates verification at
    airport in seconds.


    Arenas & conferences

    Swift COVID-19 clearance
    with vaccine certificate



    COVID-free audience
    verification within 10


    Shopping malls

    Real-time COVID-free passenger
    onboarding to resume inter-city


    Amusement parks

    Quick COVID certificate
    verification to eliminate delays
    in customer service


    Public transports

    Entertainment revival with
    instant COVID certificate

    Ready to fast track COVID
    certificate verification?