Documents we verify

ID Cards

Currently, Shufti Pro authenticates government or state issued ID cards. With the inclusion of database sources of other institutions, Shufti Pro can verify them as well.


Shufti Pro intelligently runs through all the infographics of the government or state issued Driving license because it meets all the security standards.


Shufti Pro can verify if the passport is tampered or faked instantly once it is shown in the camera. Our unique verification process reduces the chances of fake representation to its minimum.

Credit/Debit Card

Shufti Pro makes online transaction easier by verifying credit/debit cards. Inforgraphic details coupled with Card number make the verification process authentic and secure.

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Shufti Pro can verify Debit/Credit Card, ID card, Passport and Driving License. The steps behind the verification process stay the same. Every step of the verification process happens in real-time.

In case of Credit/Debit Card, the user is asked to show the first 6-digits and then the last 4-digits of the card on display. Shufti Pro picks the important information related to verification in few seconds.

In case of Passport, Driving License and ID card, the user is asked to display the required document focusing on the name of the holder and then his/her date of birth. All of this information is provided on the same page of the documents and it hardly takes time. The user has to just move the ID card, passport or driving license in-view of the camera for each specific step.