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FYNXT Announces Integration with Shufti Pro to Help Brokers Perform KYC/AML Compliant ID Checks

  • Richard Marley
  • February 28, 2022
  • 3 minutes read
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Originally published on Finance Magnates 

CANARY WHARF, UK – Feb. 28, 2022 – FYNXT, a global Fintech firm offering digital solutions today announced that it has integrated Shufti Pro, an AI-powered identity verification service provider into its Client Manager and Client Portal. The integration will allow brokers on FYNXT’s platform to seamlessly access Shufti Pro IDV services within the platform.

The financial technology platform, FYNXT provides convenient, cost-effective, and transparent payment solutions for Forex, Remittance, Wealth Management, and Multi-Asset Management. Meanwhile, the global IDV provider Shufti Pro delivers award-winning KYC and AML services to banks and other financial institutions worldwide. Shufti Pro’s KYC solution verifies the identity of customers in real-time during customer onboarding that helps businesses to prevent identity theft, money laundering, terrorist financing, and other financial fraud. 

The financial solution provider FYNXT, which promises a convenient user journey has partnered with Shufti Pro to offer a pleasant experience to its customers. FYNXT can prevent the threats of money laundering and other financial scams by performing robust identity verification of customers in seconds. Shufti Pro’s IDV solutions are designed for businesses to comply with the regulations and avoid non-compliance penalties. 

Expressing his thoughts on the collaboration, Aeby Samuel, CEO of FYNXT said, “We provide a highly configurable digital onboarding platform designed specifically for financial service providers to support both institutional and retail customer onboarding. This is an important milestone in our journey towards addressing the challenges of KYC/KYB and AML over digital channels. With our partnership with Shufti Pro, we are empowering our customers with improved account approval time from days to minutes, providing easy-to-use and integrated security across the customer lifecycle.”

Speaking on the partnership, Victor Fredung, CEO of Shufti Pro said, “Organizations like FYNXT that offers digital onboarding, account management solutions to brokers and banks need IDV solutions more than ever to fulfill their business goals and we are glad to be the one facilitating FYNXT in enhancing their KYC process. Providing a seamless identification process is a key pillar of our business offerings. Our automated solution will enable FYNXT to mitigate identity fraud that often occurs with fast-growing businesses.”


FYNXT is a Singapore-based global FinTech firm that provides enterprise digital products for forward-looking companies offering financial services. The company offers specific solutions for Forex, Remittance, Wealth Management, and Multi-Asset Management companies. The solutions, while being highly functional, deliver a modern, intuitive, and faster user experience whilst guaranteeing security, transparency, and compliance.

About Shufti Pro

AI-powered digital identity verification solution provider, Shufti Pro, offers KYC, KYB, and AML services in 230+ countries and territories. Given the ability to verify 3000+ documents, Shufti Pro authenticates documents in 150+ languages with an accuracy rate of 98.67%. Through its AI-driven efficient verification services, the company aims to create a secure digital marketplace devoid of identity theft and other fraudulent activities. 

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