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License Verification for Online Transport Services

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Increasing driver scams and stolen identities demand for effective verification processes before hirings take place.

Taxi services are popping up here and there these days. People, especially the youth are taken with application based bookings. The reason: quick service. As technology moves on, creators are inventing new ways to reduce gap between needs and services. One of these is transportation. Uber, Careem, lyft and list goes on. A quick introduction: companies launch an application through which users can book a ride. While this is an online process, a bigger part of it is still performed offline. And that is the hiring of drivers. While the companies always to try make it better, problem still exists.

Need for License verification goes up in online Taxi Services

Identity verification services have reformed the virtual business pool. Online cab service is a big part of eCommerce market. That is evident owing to its ease of access and consumer reliability. Taxi portals hosts drivers in individual capacity who offer their services for riders. Drivers often present false licenses or ID card information at time of contract. The processing of this data usually requires weeks which may not be very accurate. This allows scammers to easily get away with revenue generated, or harm induced to the vehicle or the customer. It effects the customer-host relation in process. The problem can easily be avoided by using methods which can detect bogus or forged material in advance.

Effective verification with Shufti Pro – strongest defense against scams!

Today, online businesses services must protect their interface and customer experience.  You can achieve this by an online ID verification Software to fight scams and frauds. Shufti Pro is your immediate solution. It provides quick and accurate document authentication as the riders begin the sign up process. Cab services require ID cards, driving licenses, and bank credentials. In order to complete the screening process for acquiring services of a driver. Shufti Pro enables cab companies to swiftly and efficiently scrutinize these documents. The software employs bio-metric facial matching and holographic overlays. AI and machine learning algorithms account for accurate results within 30-60 seconds. Shufti Pro speeds up the processing time. However, it doesn’t take chances with quality and reliability. It requires potential drivers to present a valid ID card, and a driving license. If the presented documents turn out to counterfeit, the signup process terminates. Same is the case while checking identity. 

The first requisite to strengthen client-base of a company is building professional trust. If your riders are not satisfied with the drivers then ultimately it effects your image. In order to raise it. Hire drivers with complete accuracy by having Shufti Pro as your verification service provider.

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