Digital Covid Pass

Digital COVID Pass

AI-based COVID test authentication
and security clearance

  • ID verification and covid-test authentication in a go
  • QR code authentication to capture fake test results
  • Verifies test reports from authorized labs
  • Quick passenger onboarding with Global coverage
  • No installation required

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Reviving Trust and
Safety with New Normal

  • IMF reported that 1.5 billion people were travelling in
    2019 while it fell by over 65% in just the first half of
    2020, and it will recover to the 2019 level by 2023.
  • COVID test verification is the new normal adopted to
    resume normal life activities from a trip to a shopping
    mall to international vacation. Having a negative
    COVID test is as important as having a valid passport
    or an ID to enter a public facility.
  • Digital COVID Pass by Shufti Pro provides a thorough
    solution for airport clearance, Cinema revival and
    customer COVID-free onboarding at shopping malls.
  • Airports, Shopping malls, and public transport sector
    can start using digital COVID pass right away without
    any installation
    or app download.

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Securely Onboard
COVID-free Customers

Fulfil social distancing protocols by allowing only COVID-free
customers to enter shopping malls, arenas, airports and cinemas



Authenticate user identity and negative COVID test in a go


Arenas & Conferences

Adopt new normal in entertainment
and business activities with swift
COVID clearance


Shopping malls

Eliminate tiring delays in
customer service with faster
COVID test authentication



Verify your audience in a go with
COVID test verification in seconds


Public transport

Resume inter-city travel and public
transport with un-assisted COVID
test verification

No integration or
Installation Required

Digital covid pass
  • Shufti Pro believes in fast and reliable security.
    The digital COVID pass is designed to kick-start
    automated COVID test verification at any
    airport, cinema, shopping mall or public
    transport terminals.
  • All you need is a browser and a webcam to
    start verifying COVID-19 PCR tests
  • No need to integrate the technology into
    your security system or Kiosks
  • The user doesn’t need to install any app for
    COVID test verification
  • No need for any fancy kiosks for security clearance

Start Right Away

Digital covid pass
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Open COVID Pass in
your browser

Show COVID test to the camera
for auto-capture

Onboard users
in a go

Or Would you
Rather Integrate our Service?

If you wish to integrate the solution into your app or security system,
Shufti Pro offers multiple integration options as per your convenience


Integrate API

Quickly authenticate the
passenger’s COVID-19 PCR tests
through single API integration of
Digital COVID Pass into your portal
without installing any app or


Install App

Quickly verify proof of negative
COVID-19 test with Shufti Pro’s
Digital COVID Pass app and
streamline passenger onboarding


Touchless Kiosks

Install Shufti touchless kiosks or
integrate our API into your system
to detect fake COVID test reports
and quickly onboard passengers.

Security – Speed – Authenticity


Verify COVID tests in any
country in any language

QR Code

Verify the authenticity
of test through QR
code authentication

Verification in a go

Authenticate the
COVID-19 test and ID
proofs with single API


Shufti Pro is a GDPR
certified company and
practices robust data
security protocols

Digital COVID pass is an intelligent solution which
enables you to verify test results from government
approved laboratories around the globe.

Select your country to see supported labs

*Couldn’t find your lab? Contact us to add it right away