Shufti Pro to Revamp Customer Experience with Enhanced Video KYC UX

  • Richard Marley
  • June 30, 2021
  • 6 minutes read
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Would you ever want to use a product that is hard to understand? A McKinsey Report revealed that state of the art UX results in an impeccable customer experience, increased satisfaction rate, higher customer lifetime value, and above all, increased business growth. The impact of a great UX on a business goes beyond short-term benefits. 

Our products have already achieved a 92% end-user satisfaction rate and we aim at increasing it to 100%. Considering the vitality of user experience, Shufti Pro has enhanced its video KYC. Now, your customers can have a better identity verification experience and you can reap more benefits in the long run. Take a look at what’s new in the product.

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What’s New in Video KYC?

Here’s what we have improved in our video KYC solution. 

Seamless Customer Journey

Your customers do not need any technical know-how because our KYC experts perform most of the tasks. All the end-user had to do is answer a few questions and show the ID document to the camera. The rest is on the KYC expert and our intelligent verification engine. From logging in to delivering verification results, your customers only have to follow the simple guidelines. 


Enhanced UI and UX

Shufti Pro has updated the verification screens to make sure your customers have the perfect experience with us. Now, the end-user does not have to go through a million details to understand the product and then perform the verification. Our KYC experts will tell them what and how to proceed with the verification. 

Here’s how we have designed the process: 

1- Introduction 

The end-user gets in touch with the KYC expert on a live video call using the unique link provided in the email. Before the verification process begins, the customer has to verify the phone number through two-factor authentication. 

2- Face Verification 

The end-user is asked to show their full face to the camera. The interviewer captures the photo and authenticates the live presence. The image taken at this stage is later used for verifying the image on the ID document. 

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3- Document and Address Verification 

Now, the end-user has to show the ID document to the camera for document and address verification. Customers get to choose the type of government-issued identity document they would like to use to get themselves verified. The front and backside of the identity document are captured and various authenticity checks are performed to verify the document. Note that all the details are extracted using AI-powered OCR. The picture captured in step 1 is used to verify the image on the identity document. 

4- Verification Results are Delivered

Once the process is complete, verification results are immediately delivered and proof of verification is stored in our back-office. Merchants can access these proofs anytime in the ‘details’ section. 

Apart from the comprehensive yet frictionless process, Shufti Pro has included multiple navigation screens that allow KYC agents to capture proof, preview country selection and ID document selection. 

Data Extraction through OCR

For more effectiveness of the video KYC process, data extraction has been automated using AI-powered OCR. This makes identity document verification seamless and delivering verification results in real-time gets convenient. Also, it increases the overall efficiency and reduces the turnaround time. 

Different Countries and Multiple Supported Documents 

Have a global clientele? Don’t worry. The KYC agent now has the option to select multiple countries for ID document verification. Once the identity document is captured during the video call, there is an option for country selection. (The end-user can accept or decline the suggestion).

On the other hand, the KYC expert can accept different ID document types for verification. There is no restriction on showing the same document for both document and address verification. 

Multiple Proofs of Verification 

Shufti Pro’s back office has all the verification proofs available at all times. For video KYC, there are multiple proofs available in the back office. All the images captured during document verification, address verification and face verification proofs are stored. Merchants can access them for future case building. 

To Sum Up…

Shufti Pro’s customer-centric approach aims at bringing more convenience for the end-users and so, we have updated the User Experience of one of our services – Video KYC. End-users do not need any technical know-how since our KYC agents perform the majority of the tasks. All the customers have to do is follow the guidelines by the system and KYC experts. Enhanced UI/UX have made customer journey more seamless. Moreover, the KYC agents no longer have to manually extract data because the system can automatically do the job through AI-driven OCR. Apart from all these advancements, multiple documents can be used for the verification too. 

Get in touch with our experts to know more details about the updates.