Shufti Pro

Modes of verification

Modes of Verification

Identity verification Solution from Shufti Pro is basically available in 2 different modes. Each mode has its own benefits for Shufti Pro customers.

On-site Verification

When a customer requests Shufti Pro to get identity credentials directly from end user for Selfie verification or KYC, its called On-site Verification.

  • Selfie to be uploaded by end-user
  • Uploading Document for verification
  • User provides consent to our T&Cs
  • Presence of Phone cam/webcam is must

Off-site Verification

When a customer directly provides Shufti Pro with verifiable data/credentials for ID verification, its called Off-site verification.

  • No interaction with end-user required
  • Data received via pre-defined parameters
  • AML screening performed Off-site
  • Data size limits (e.g. 16 MB max)