Fully embracing digital transformation with AI OCR
White Paper

Fully Embracing Digital Transformation with Automated AI OCR Engine

Mickensey reports, 64% of the businesses could save 30% of their time with workflow automation.

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What’s inside this whitepaper?

  • State of automation in this technological era
  • AI-based OCR engine
  • How does the AI OCR engine work?
  • Different data formats from which AI OCR can extract data
  • How businesses could benefit from AI OCR technology?
  • Automate business operations with Shufti Pro OCR

According to McKinsey, businesses can save $2 trillion in total annual wages by automating 45% of current paid activities.

In this era of technological disruption, businesses are under immense pressure to fully embrace digital transformation with automated AI OCR engines. Optical Character Recognition(OCR) helps businesses in digitizing their manual data effectively. Adopting this technology, businesses can simplify everyday tasks such as onboarding a new customer, digitalizing the scanned invoices, managing accounts sheets, to name just a few.

Shufti Pro’s AI OCR engine has the ability to extract data from multiple languages including some of the most difficult languages (Arabic, Chinese, Urdu) and multiple types of documents both structured and unstructured. Shufti Pro is keen to enhance the digitization process for companies that want to go digital. With its remarkable accuracy of above 90% and secure data management, Shufti Pro’s AI-powered OCR engine can help businesses to automate their data extraction process. In mere seconds, the banking industry, e-commerce, digital payment services, and many more can extract out the user information from any type of document by taking advantage of OCR technology.

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