Shufti Pro donates 10 million free ID verifications to help fight fraud amid COVID-19

  • Edward lilly
  • March 31, 2020
  • 6 minutes read
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Coronavirus took the world into clutches forcing people to adopt isolation and businesses are completely closed. While there are people working against the clock to contain this deadly pandemic, some are exploiting this crisis and fraud is rising. Shufti Pro has taken the initiative to help the organizations fighting to contain COVID-19 pandemic by providing free ID verification and face verification services. It’ll help them combat identity frauds and deliver COVID-19 relief services to deserving entities. 

Healthcare institutions, research institutes, educational institutions, NGOs, etc. qualify for these free services. They just have to fill the apply now form. Shufti Pro’s services will enable them to verify the identity of anyone within seconds.  We’re fortunate enough to have global coverage in its services so we decided to use this ability for the good. 

Tech giants are helping against fraud in COVID-19

Huge tech companies are joining forces against COVID-19. Donating funds for research, or masks for medical professionals is not the only help they’re providing. Big tech giants such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter and YouTube are working jointly to combat fraud and misinformation related to COVID_19. 

These tech giants  intend to work on reducing the spread of fake information related to COVID-19 on their platforms. Moreover, working along the healthcare organizations to promote relevant stats and data related to COVID-19 is the core idea behind this collaboration. 

Shuftify for humanity to contain fraud in COVID-19 

Shufti Pro’s AI-powered ID verification services are used by businesses all over the world to fight identity frauds – which is prevalent in this crisis situation as well. So Shufti Pro will provide its ID verification services free of cost to the organizations fighting to contain COVID-19 in any corner of the world. Because fraud should be the last concern in this scenario. 

Shufti Pro will provide 10 million free ID and face verifications to organizations working on the front line to contain COVID-19. The qualified organizations will get fully automated free identity verification services of Shufti Pro without any discrimination. Shufti Pro has already verified people in more than 230 countries and territories so it is fully equipped to help the willing organizations across the globe, irrespective of their location. . It verifies the people through their government-issued ID cards, driving licenses, and passports. 

All organizations working on COVID-19 relief programs, and trying to help the people in this crisis are the potential beneficiaries of this program. For instance hospitals, non-profit organizations, research institutes, educational institutions, etc.

Healthcare institutions

Healthcare institutions are the ones fighting on the front line but are also exposed to fraud. Copious patients are coming in and some hospitals are short on isolation rooms, doctors, and paramedical staff. Taking more patients with other diseases is becoming impossible due to huge amounts of COVID-19 patients and the exposure to the virus in the hospital. Hospitals are in dire need to provide digital healthcare services, but managing patient data and identity credentials is vital to provide them the right services. 

Shufti Pro’s free services are provided to help these hospitals to perform in-depth identity screening on their online patients. It will help them manage the risk of mistreatment due to medical identity theft. Also, fulfill your Know Your Patient (KYP) obligations without any long processes. 

Research and educational institutions

Research institutes are working day and night to find a cure for coronavirus and have to follow security guidelines as well. Certain restricted areas require identity verification, to control unauthorized access. Fingerprint scanners might become the carriers of the virus, so Shufti Pro will provide its free face verification services to help the research institutes to continue their research work without the fear of virus spread or unauthorized access to the laboratories.

On the other hand, educational institutions are offering online classes and exams, so identity verification of students is important. Frauds such as cheating, theft of course material, and fake attendance of students are common in online education. Universities and schools offering emergency online education are not prepared to control these issues. Shufti Pro’s free ID and face verification services will help them ensure transparency in online classes and exams. 

NGOs and philanthropic organizations

Philanthropic and non-government organizations are fighting arm in arm with healthcare institutions to eliminate COVID-19. Providing food, medicines, and medical advice to people in their houses are the primary operations of these organizations these days. NGOs need more funds as well as volunteers. A large number of volunteers are onboarded by NGOs all over the world, but the identity screening of these volunteers is necessary as well. 

Thieves with fake IDs could enroll to loot people taking advantage of their trust in the NGO. Shufti Pro will help the NGOs onboard trustworthy people with online ID verification of their identity documents and biometric authentication through face verification. Even if an event of fraud occurs, the organization will have reliable information to trace the culprit. 

Terms and conditions 

The terms and conditions and rules of this free collaboration are parallel to our general rules, (privacy policy, etc.) with a few exceptions. 

  • Some rules and regulations (limitations of free ID verification and face verification services) are listed below: 
  • The free ID verification service will be provided for two months only (from the day your application is approved). If you wish to continue using our services you’ll have to renew the contract to get paid services.
  • Only ID verification and face verification services will be provided under this program. If you wish to take other services, you’ll have to contact sales department
  • The contract will automatically be null and void after two months’ tenure. 
  • The qualifying organizations will have to accept the standard regulations of Shufti Pro services. 
  • Shufti Pro holds the right to change the program anytime.

How to apply for free ID and face verification services?

Applying for the free ID and face verification services is quite easy. Willing organizations can apply by filling out a simple “apply now” form on Shufti Pro’s website. Once the form is submitted it will be reviewed by our team and qualified organizations will be notified through an email, or a call. 

After communication of all the rules and regulations, and acceptance by the qualified organizations, the free services will be integrated into their systems. 

The primary motive behind this initiative is to fulfill corporate social responsibility in this crisis situation. As this crisis demands a joint effort, and businesses must rise to help the organizations fighting to contain this epidemic.