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Document Verification for Fraudulent Sellers

Document verification system is essential in digital era where online transactions are a norm. currently, there is a growing number of online freelance platforms that serve as an informal communication, and contact medium between the employer and employee based on provision of services. Due to the crowd-sourcing nature of such portals, it becomes difficult for any freelance platform to authenticate multiple profiles. In the absence of ID checks online, these freelancing services are susceptible to frauds and merchants are stipulated with chargebacks. Potential freelancers signing up at a platform may present false credentials. Additionally, where advance payment for projects is required through credit/debit cards, the false sellers may take the payment and fail to deliver the required assignment. This would result in the user asking for their money back, resulting in chargebacks to the platform owner. Hence, it is necessary that freelancing portals acquire dual verification information before verifying a profile:

a) ID or credit card credentials to verify freelancers’ identity, and
b) academic records and certifications that can ensure customer’s capability to carry out assigned tasks.

The latter case is dependent on varying requirements based on nature of documents presented.

Influx of Scammers calls for Digital KYC

Online fraud prevention tools offer a medium where document verification is provided to ensure a thorough check on the identity and reliability of a freelancer. There are numerous service providers available in the market. For instance, Shufti Pro offers a trustworthy and user-friendly identification service that checks customer’s credentials and required documentation in real-time. This allows the platform to hire authentic freelancers that won’t deliver low quality services. With Shufti pro’s infinite customisation, all sorts of documents can be checked for duplicity. Moreover, the signup process is simplified with a reduced on-boarding and KYC verification time that spans 30-60 seconds. It results in a seamless experience for the end-users, developing their trust in the sellers and the platform. Engaging worthwhile customers builds a strong client-base for your business, securing it against frauds and scams.